Sunday, June 26, 2011

(Pictures are Carrie's home on Woodcreek Rd, Carrie and her third husband, Alonzo, and Carrie and her mother, Clarinda Wildman Durga).

Carrie Jane Durgy was born on 5 Apr 1865 at New Fairfield, Fairfield,
Connecticut, the daughter of John J Durgy (or Durga) and Clarinda L Wildman.
She married Elmer E Pearce, son of Alvah and Anna B Pearce, before 1883. They had
a daughter, Anna Clarinda Pearce. He died 20 Jul 1898 when he drowned in Ball's Pond, New Fairfield.

She married Ezra Norris Ballard, son of Ezra N Ballard and Mary Corbin, before 1900. She and Ezra appeared on the census of 1900 at New Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut. They had a son, Norris Ezra Ballard. Ezra died before 1905.

She married Alonzo Merritt Fairchild, son of George
Joseph Fairchild and Mary Ann Stevens, on 29 Jul 1905 at
Patterson, Putnam, New York. They had a son, John Alpheus Fairchild (my grandfather).
She and Alonzo appeared on the census of 1910 at New Fairfield,
Fairfield, Connecticut. He died 13 April 1916.

She purchased around 9 Oct 1918 the farmhouse at Woodcreek Road, New Fairfield.
She and her son, John, Henry Wildman, accompanied by Walter Knapp and family of
Danbury recently returned from a long motor trip on 11 Sep 1925.
In March 1926 Mrs Carrie Fairchild who had the misfortune
to fracture her wrist recently when she slipped on the ice is still unable
to do her work. Miss Mamie Rowley is assisting her.

She witnessed the marriage of John Alpheus Fairchild and Martha Post on 9 Oct
1927 at New Fairfield. Soon after Mr. and Mrs. John Fairchild, who were but recently
married were given a surprise variety shower at the home of Mrs. Carrie
Fairchild, Wednesday evening by over 20 relatives and friends. The evening
was spent in playing cards after which delicious refreshments were served.
The bride received many beautiful and useful gifts. The guests included Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Knapp, Miss Frances Knapp, Mr and Mrs. Rudolph Baker and
Aiken Lee of Danbury, Mr and Mrs Harry Gardner and family, Mrs Hannah
Rowley, Miss Mamie Rowley, Mss Ada Benedict, Mr and Mrs Norris Ballard,
Miss Jennie Post and Eugene Post.

She appeared on the census of 1930 at New Fairfield. She died on
12 Feb 1934 at New Fairfield at age 68. She was buried at Mountain View Cemetery, New
Fairfield with her third husband, Alonzo Fairchild.

Luther and Elizabeth Hazelton Fitz

Luther Fitz was born on 13 Jan 1819 at Chester, Rockingham, New Hampshire, the son of Captain Benjamin Fitts (or Fitz) and Susannah Dearborn. He taught school for a
time in Chester. He married Elizabeth French Hazelton, daughter of Josiah Hazelton
and Sarah Emerson, on 22 May 1845 at Chester, Rockingham, New
He and his wife, Elizabeth, appeared on the census of 1850 at Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, where he was teaching school, as well as his daughters Elizabeth and Helen (who died young).
He and Elizabeth appeared on the census of 1860 at Chester, Rockingham, New Hampshire,
with his daughters, Elizabeth, Ella, Mary and Josephine (another daughter, Henrietta, also died young).
He was a successful farmer. He was taxed for a carriage in 1866 at Chester. He and Elizabeth
appeared on the census of 1870 at Chester, with their daughters Ella, Mary, Josie, and the youngest, Isabelle.
Luther's barn was hit by lightning on 18 Aug 1875 at Chester. He
died on 13 Mar 1877 at Chester at age 58. His wife, Elizabeth, died in Faribault, Minnesota, where she was visiting
her daughter, Ella.
They are both buried at Chester Village Cemetery, Chester,
Rockingham, New Hampshire.
They are my mother-in-law Connie's great grandparents.