Sunday, September 11, 2011

John Blunt, Revolutionary War soldier

Battle of Bunker Hill

John Blunt was born on 31 Jan 1756 at Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, the son of Isaac Blunt and his wife, Mary Abbott.  He was at the battle of Bunker Hill on 17 Jun 1775.  He enlisted in military service on 30 Sep 1777 in Capt John Abbott's company that went to Ticonderoga. He was at the surrender of Burgoyne.  He ended military service on 6 Nov 1777.  He married Sarah Eames, daughter of Caleb Eames and Mary Harvey, on 26 Oct 1780 at Wilmington, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
 He and Sarah Eames moved circa 1789 to Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He died on 27 Nov 1836 at Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, at age 80.  From a letter for Sarah's pension application, signed by citizens of Amherst, "we have never heard their characters impeached but know that they were honest, respectable persons esteemed by all their neighbors and acquaintances, and that entire truth may be placed in their truth and veracity" on 6 Apr 1854.
Their son Ainsworth Emery Blunt was a Congregational missionary who moved to Dalton, Georgia to preach to the Cherokee. He went with them on the Trail of Tears. My mother-in-law,
Connie, is descended from John Blunt through his oldest daughter, Sally, who married Daniel Howe.
letter from pension file
Pension Application

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I have a newspaper from Amherst 1817. Signed J Blunt at the top.Can send you a pic if you give me an email address.
Mark Walker