Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Uber Family

One of the amazing things about our families is that most of them came to New England early, in the 1600's, and pretty much stayed here. As a result there was much inter-marrying in the early years especially that have crossed the family lines. The best example of this is the Phillip Fowler family who came to Ipswich, Massachusetts from Marlborough, England.
The daughter, Margaret Fowler, and her first husband, Christopher Osgood, are the 8th great-grandparents of my father-in-law, Frank Moore, through his Lovejoy line.
Margaret and her second husband are the 9th great-grandparents of my mother, Eleanor Fairchild, through her Wildman-Way line.
Margaret and her third husband, Thomas Coleman, are the 9th great-grandparents of my father, Kenneth Williams through his Burdick line.
Margaret's brother, Thomas Fowler and his wife, Hannah Jordan, are the 6th great-grandparents of my mother-in-law, Constance Howe.
There are other connections, but it's not unusual since the pool of possible relationships was so small in early New England. But I find it interesting that the family of Phillip Fowler has direct ties to my mother, father, mother-in-law, and father-in-law.
Margaret Fowler married four times, dying by 1694 on Nantucket.

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