Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Remembrances

Here is a list of some of the relatives that have served in the military over the years with apologies for anyone I might have missed:
Vietnam war
Robert Fairchild (Uncle Bob)

Korean war
George Fairchild (Uncle George)

World War II
Ken Williams (my dad)
Lester Fairchild (Uncle Les)
Charles Williams (Uncle Cy)

World War I
Millard George Moors (Allan's grandfather)
Leroy Jones (my great uncle Roy)
George Alonzo Fairchild (KIA) my great uncle

Civil War (just direct ancestors from here on - many other siblings, etc)
William Henry Chellis (Allan's great grandfather)
Charles Henry Howe (Allan's great great grandfather)
James Merwin Beers (my 3rd great grandfather)
Levi Burdick (2nd great grandfather)

War of 1812
Heman Benedict (my line)
Capt Ira Sherman Betts (my line)
David Burdick (my line)
Capt Benjamin Fitts (Allan's line)

Revolutionary War
Gideon Chase (my line)
Timothy Way (my line)
James Bartram (my line)
Dudley Currier (Allan's line)
Lt John Benedict (my line)
Capt Benajah Benedict (my line)
Lt Nathan Fitts (Allan's line)
Major Jabez French (Allan's line)
Capt John Emerson (Allan's line)

French & Indian wars, Dutch wars, various expeditions
Lt. Philip Chellis
Capt Joseph Chadbourne
Henry Botsford
Lt James Bennett
James Way
Ephraim Beers
Abraham Fitts
Samuel Hills
Thomas Tibbals
Capt Nathaniel Seeley
Lt Robert Seeley
John Shaw
John Taylor jr
Ensign Thomas Taylor
Ensign Phineas Sprague
Sgt John Chadwick
Sgt John Hoyt
John Eaton
Aquila Chase
William Churchill
Capt Jonathan Samborne
William Ward M.D.
Jonathan Fanton
Joseph Conger
Josiah Heath
John Gould
John Brooks
Thomas Cheney
John Shaw
Ensign Francis Chickering
Capt Josiah Starr

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