Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witches in the Family

Many of the accused witches in Salem are ancestors through Allan's mother's family. Anne, wife of Andrew Foster, who died in Salem jail waiting for trial is a direct ancestor. Mary Clements, wife of John Osgood, was accused of witchcraft, but managed to outlast the frenzy. Elizabeth Jackson, wife of James Howe, is another direct ancestor through Connie's Howe line. She was hung on Jul 19, 1692 protesting her innocence. Her daughters received compensation in 1711.
Other relations who were accused include: Martha Allen, wife of Thomas Carrier and daughter of Andrew and Faith (Ingalls) Allen (direct ancestors of Connie), who was hung on Aug 19, 1692; Susannah North, wife of George Martin (direct ancestor of my mother), who was hung with Deborah Jackson Howe; Mary Perkins, wife of Thomas Bradbury and sister to ancestors of my father and Allan's mother, who was accused but not punished; and Martha Sprague, wife of Richard Friend and sister to another ancestor of Connie.

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